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What's been happening at the Apiary?

The First Inspection (Tanya & Frank)

 So 30/03/19 dawned bright and beautiful and at last gave Frank and Myself a chance to inspect the bees on the district apiary.

Due to when we collected the bees this was the first chance we’d had to have a good look through them and access their temperament.

There were a few issues with the brood boxes as there were too many frames and a couple of super frames in some so we had a good sort through and took out the extra frames and replaced the super frames with standard brood frames. There was a lovely smell emitted from the hive and the bees remained calm throughout. 

* Eggs, Larvae and brood were seen in both hives in all stages.

* The queen was spotted in hive one and marked red for 2018.

Some frames need switching out and we will do this in due course over the summer months.

In short, we couldn’t have asked for nicer bees to show to our course attendees and members over the summer.

Written by T. Walton

Photos by John Perring

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In 2017 after a stroll across the fields, flagging down a tractor and a lengthy conversation with the driver Grantham Districts dream of it’s own apiary became a reality.

Not only did a local Farmer let us use his land for some hives but also offered us a secure building in which to store any equipment we needed to have in order to look after the hives.

The apiary site is in a wonderful location in the middle of farmland close to a copse which has two lakes in and by a good stretch of land left continually fallow and wild.

The District Apiary will be used primarily for Educational purposes (i.e. course practical, swarm control, queen marking, varroa treatment) and also to give those yet to get bees the chance to gain some confidence before purchasing their own colonies.

The District Apiary will be available for use

to anyone wishing to take their Basic assessment.

Photos taken by Tanya Walton

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