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***Grantham District Beekeepers have made the decision to cancel all meetings until the autumn due to coronavirus***

B.B.K.A. Basic Assessment (slide show on right)

At the December meeting there was a short presentation about BBKA Basic Assessment which provides the basic qualification in beekeeping, on which all other qualifications start from. This provides the measure for beekeepers of their achievement in the basic skills and knowledge of the craft, from which it is a springboard to launch into the more demanding assessments.

So in order to create an opportunity for our members to take this Basic Assessment, we need to know who would like to participate. You need to manage at least one colony of bees for a minimum of 12 months and wish to do this assessment, now is the time to express an interest.

To do this just send your

* Name 

* Phone no 

* Email

* Post code for Hive

to ian.andrews@phonecoop.coop

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Monthly Meetings

All meetings are held at the Grantham Tennis Club,

Arnoldfield, Gonerby Road, NG31 8HU

Thursday 5th December , 7.30pm

Asian Hornet talk.

Stewart Maher, a Grantham Beekeeper member will be giving a talk about his week spent in Jersey helping to track and destroy Asian hornets and their nests. As we all know this threat is something that could very soon be affecting us so come along and find out how jersey are coping and what they have put in place to try and contain the problem. The meeting is open to all district and L.B.K.A. members and we look forward to seeing you.

9th January 2020

Varroa treatments (Roy to lead)

11th January 2020

Varroa treatment practical session at District Apiary Tanya to contact members for a preferred time)

6th February 2020

Bee types and genetics

5th March 2020

Swarm control techniques

2nd April 2020

TBA Possible guest speaker

7th May 2020

TBA Possible guest speaker

4th June 2020

TBA Possible guest speaker

2nd July 2020

Summer Gathering and Open Apiary at Peter’s

6th August 2020

Preparation for winter

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